Her Circumstance

Basking in everyone's praisesYukino just doesn't understand how anyone can feel ok about being average, and feels a shiver of joy when others look at her with admiration. She admits that its exhausting keeping her image up, but its all worth it to be #1.

Yukino and her admirers At school, Yukino is the ultimate role model student. Her classmates worship and sing praises about her beauty, good personality, intelligence, and modesty. And somewhere nearby, Yukino is laughing evilly at having successfully fooled the others about herself.

Yukino, at homeHer classmates think Yukino is naturally gifted, but in reality, she had to work her butt off to get to where she is. Her family is amused at the lengths Practicing her business look she goes to stay at the top. For example, she pulls many all nighters studying like a maniac so she can be the smartest, trains in secret so that she'll be the best in sports, and primps in front of the mirror for hours, getting her image right.

Taking the entrance exam She was able to fool the whole world until high school, when she finally meets her match: Souichirou Arima. It all began at the High School Entrance Ceremony, where the top student was to make their debut Her dreams of being a class rep ruined as class representative. Yukino had studied super hard on the entrance exam, but was outscored by someone else. She consoled herself by saying that the guy must be an ugly and depressing geek, but Arima turned out to be a really nice guy.

Vowing to defeat Arima and reclaim her statusEveryone at school began talking about Arima, and Yukino decided that she was going to defeat him once and for all and make everyone realize once again just how wonderful she is. She wanted to show that pretty boy just how harsh life can be and began studying even more obsessively.

This is how their story begins...